Chronicle is a simple easy to use document management system ideal for companies that need to track incoming and outgoing correspondence


  • Records all incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Logs document details into central shared register
  • Create / Open documents from the register
  • Find documents in seconds
  • Integrates with corporate document templates
  • Integrates with any MS-Windows application
  • Closely coupled to ProjectCentre



Everyone in the company (right to the top) will be able to use Chronicle. Since it is so easy to use, and makes life so much easier, Chronicle will immediately be popular. Chronicle will fit easily into your organisation.

Chronicle will uniquely name each document (according to rules you specify), which is a must according to most QA systems. You will be able to identify every corporate document by this unique number. There is no risk of an existing file being overwritten.


You have a complete register of all documents, by all people, in one place. You can instantly find any document based on a search by author, date, description, project, etc. This saves everyone time and money.


You can tag documents with a due date, and then tag them with the date a response was received and the document number of that response. You can filter for documents still awaiting a response. With this simple response management technique you will always be on top of your correspondence

This application has been deveoped and written by CADX Pty Ltd which Carr Consulting distributes and supports in South Australia. For further information contact Carr Consulting direct.