ProjectCentre is a web based application providing project managers with collaborative information exhange facilities

projectCentre streamlines the movement of information between all the organisations involved on a project, wherever they may be, to make the process easier, faster, and cheaper.

  • to do list
  • Electronic Document Exchange with Transaction and Document Registers
  • Secure Storage Facilities (Password protected)
  • ToDo List, Calendar, Contact List
  • Contract Document Management (General Correspondence, Requests for Information, Site Instructions, Approvals, Variations, Claims, etc...)
  • Meeting Manager
  • Tender Manager
  • Libraries

Recently completed projects in South Australia

  • National Wine Centre
  • Golden Grove Shopping Centre Stage 3
  • Marion Cultural Centre
  • Adelaide Airport Redevelopment Enabling works

Current Projects in South Australia

  • State Library Redevelopment
  • Pier Hotel - Glenelg
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital Redevelopment
  • Woolworths Gawler Shopping Centre
  • Australian School of Mathematics and Science
  • RAAF Edinburgh Redevelopment
  • GPU Gasnet pipeline Survey

This application has been deveoped and written by CADX Pty Ltd which Carr Consulting distributes and supports in south Australia. For further information contact Carr Consulting direct.