The ccGPS control is an ActiveX component acting as an interface between a standard GPS receiver and a computer application.

NMEA-0183 signals from the transceiver are monitored and the current position information and navigation features are updated on the controls properties and displays as well as the components in-built properties.

Under program direction the control notifies the host application if the unit has moved by a predetermined distance, direction change, time interval or as the status of the signal changes


  • Runs from a variety of serial devices or select a simulation file.
  • Simulated GPS display
  • Control on board vehicle navigation systems
  • Monitor GPS Fix quality through the satellite page


  • Easy to configure
  • Notified of new fix data only as determined
  • Auto alarm of problems in position quality



Accepts NMEA-0183 standard output:

  • GGAGPS fix data
  • GSAGPS dilution of precision and active satellites
  • GSVGPS Satellites in view
  • GLLGPS Geographic Position (Lat/Lon)
  • RMCRecommended minimum GPS transit data
  • RMBRecommended minimum navigation information



  • Communications port, baud, etc / simulation file
  • Output Log file

Event thresholds:

  • Time interval
  • Distance traveled
  • Change of direction
  • Speed
  • Dilution of precision


  • GpsSatSatellite data
  • GpsFixGPS Fix data
  • GpsNavGPS Navigation data
  • GpsPosGPS Position data


  • GpsChangeNotifies the calling program if alert thresholds have been changes
  • GpsStopThe transceiver is stationary
  • GpsStatusThe transceiver has stopped sending data, or has inadequate fix quality
  • GpsErrorThe control has internal program detected


  • GpsStartStart monitoring the reciever
  • GpsStopStop the reciever
  • GpsStatusShow the status panel
  • GpsSourceShow the Communications panel
  • GpsSettingShow the event threshold display

User Interface

  • Linear compass
  • Current course & speed
  • Current Position & altitude
  • Fix Quality & Type
  • Satellites tracked
  • Navigation settings (Heading, Estimated time of Arrival, etc)

This application has been deveoped and written by Carr Consulting. For further information contact Carr Consulting direct.