Who Is CARR Consulting


CARR Consulting was formed in February 1996 to provide software, consulting and technical support  in the integration of  computer aided design and spatial information systems with database products to organisations responsible for the design and management of the natural and built environment.


CARR Consulting has clients from diverse disciplines and geographic locations, including architects, facility planners and engineers throughout Australia and rest of the world.


Services provided include computer installation planning and commissioning, documentation standards and training, performance auditing, and custom application development.


CARR Consulting is an authorised MicroGDS Reseller and MicroGDS Applications Developer.  MicroGDS is used as the prefered application for architects and interior designers wishing to install CAD systems


CARR Consulting is an Authorised Applications Developer for the Computer Aided Development Corporation PLC.  The SIS suite of Geographic Information System programs is used as the graphics database  engine for facility planners and asset managers wishing to invest in GIS based spatial systems.